Monday, September 04, 2006

Teluk Penyu The gulf of Turtles

Teluk Penyu is a name of beautiful beach lies along eastern side of Cilacap city in Central java, Indonesia. Local people also call this beach 'KISIK'. Teluk Penyu is an Indonesia language means The Gulf of Turtles. The beach has medium waves and beautiful sunrise panorama. Naturally the arch of the gulf is formed by the existence of Nusakambangan Island which is located at the southern end of the gulf. The island protects Cilacap city from sea wave erotion. Without the existence of this island, Cilacap city will directly be hit by continuous high waves from Indian Ocean and there is no history about the city and the gulf.

Many colourfull traditional fishing ships park along the coastal area and restorants providing fresh sea food menu. So don't miss this beach when you visit Central Java and Yogyakarta.

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    ok, its a good description for teluk penyu.